Recent Fishing Reports

Date Location Statistics Note
Jun 3rd rating Little Juniata River, PA   12 fish 2.5 hrs 4.8 fish/hr biggest fish - 14" brown
Jun 1st rating Cascade Reservoir, ID   0 fish 4.0 hrs 0.0 fish/hr Bass fishing only, no luck! Spent time with gr...
May 31st rating Crane Falls Reservoir, ID   8 fish 5.0 hrs 1.6 fish/hr
May 25th rating Little Juniata River, PA   14 fish 2.0 hrs 7.0 fish/hr 16 inch brown biggest fish of the day!
May 24th rating Pressy Lake, BC   0 fish 1.9 hrs 0.0 fish/hr Went to Pressy lake, but there was no bites. Sa...
May 23rd rating Sheridan Lake, BC   0 fish 4.6 hrs 0.0 fish/hr Didn't get nothing. Bob upset.
May 21st rating Potomac, DC   2 fish 3.7 hrs 0.5 fish/hr Fished chartreuse, white, and orange darts. S...