A Fishing App to Take Your Fishing Log To a New Level

Remember details about past fishing trips, catch more fish on future fishing trips. Find repeatable success with keeping a fishing log.

Let's Go Fishing

When you start a fishing session, Fish Swami records a GPS route of where you fish, the location and time of each fish you catch, and weather and water conditions.

Fishing Log

Quickly browse your fishing trips by year or month, look at logs you've marked as favorites, view logs per location, or find your trips where you fished with specific friends.


Add pictures of trophy fish to your fishing log while you fish. Update your log after your trip and add more pictures.

No Cell Service? No Problem

You know what's awesome? Taking all of your fishing logs with you wherever you go, even when you're out of cell service. Start new fishing trips, add waypoints, whatever - everything is synched and saved automatically.

Keep Your Secret Fishing Spots Secret

Each fishing log can be marked as public, protected, or private. Protected logs are viewable only by your fishing friends. Private logs are viewable only by you.

Automatic Weather and Water Data

Fish Swami uses DarkSky to retrieve accurate weather data for your trip. If your waters are linked to USGS sites, water level and temperatue will be added to your fishing trip automatically.


Create new waypoints while you're fishing to denote landmarks or great fishing spots.


See what your top fishing patterns are for the current year, or for any year in the past. The same goes for top locations, best time of year, and more. When you're ready to dig deeper, Fish Swami has an empirical analysis system for finding secrets in your fishing data.

Offline Maps

Download topo maps of the areas you plan to fish that don't have cell service. Fish Swami will display those maps while you're fishing or when you're browsing your waypoints on a map.

Catch Location Map

See all of your catches overlaid on a map based on year, month, time of day, and more.

Fishing Feed

Find your friends' recent fishing trips in one place, where you can like and comment on their outings. Your recent fishing trips are also in a feed, so you can quickly review comments and results.


You might be stuck at work, but at least you can get a notification when your fishing buddy caught a lunker.

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