Recent Fishing Reports

Date Location Statistics Note
Sep 18th rating Sheridan Lake, BC   0 fish 4.3 hrs 0.0 fish/hr Lots of fish jumping clear out of the water, bu...
Sep 16th rating Round Lake, ID   2 fish 0.2 hrs 10.0 fish/hr
Sep 13th rating Hershey Run, DE   10 fish 4.5 hrs 2.2 fish/hr
Sep 13th rating Neels Bridge, ID   3 fish 4.0 hrs 0.7 fish/hr I hoped about a half dozen Fish between the two...
Sep 13th rating Owyhee River, ID   7 fish 5.5 hrs 1.3 fish/hr
Sep 11th rating Hoo Doo Creek, ID   1 fish 0.2 hrs 6.0 fish/hr
Sep 8th rating Spring Creek, PA   12 fish 2.5 hrs 4.8 fish/hr 12" brown was the biggest fish of the day
Aug 29th rating Blue River, CO   0 fish 1.8 hrs 0.0 fish/hr Rainy, 51 degrees. Water flow down. Slow action...